Happy New Year!


Ah, a fresh new year! A clean slate to begin anew, develop new (or break old) habits, and maybe, just maybe, pick up a hobby or two.  That’s where you come in, my crafty little friends!  See, this lovely, little blog is one of my New Year’s resolutions.

Everyone needs a special place to escape from life’s hum drum, day to day aggravations.  A place all to themselves.  A place free from sticky wet hands and random Lego’s littering the floor. A place that inspires and colors our world and helps us remember why we create in the first place.


I hope you will join me in 2016 as I try to create our own colorful little world!  It’s my hope that these crafts, tips, and recipes will help add a little sparkle to your world.  So, gather all your WIPs (works in progress), pour yourself a warm cup of tea, and get ready for a wonderful, colorful, and crafty new year!

the Colourful Teacup

P.S. Check back this week for an easy spring craft to replace all those Christmas decorations you are putting away.  Its guaranteed to help banish your Winter blues!

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