Crochet craftiness!

Hello lovely blog world!

It seems like ages since my last blog post and I can tell you it has been busy, busy, busy here at the Colourful Teacup!  Regrettably thats because I’ve had the flu and the littles and the DH have been practically on their own on the home-front while I  fight my bug.

But in the midst of my little sick spell, I’ve had amble opportunity to sit at home and piddle around with stuff in the bed.


Let me introduce you to my reading material:



This beauty was just sitting there at an outlet store begging to be purchased!  I snagged it, not realizing that I’d soon find myself with lots of opportunity for reading.

Personally, I love crocheting flowers!  They are adorable and look so impressive.  Most people don’t realize how easy they are to make and are left stunned with practically anything you crochet if you just stick a flower on there- ha!


Shall we take a look inside?








Such lovely projects!  All are super easy to do as well, with minimal skill needed.  And it was just what I needed to lift my spirits and inspire me for the season ahead.

And of course, all that time in bed at home meant idle hands.  I hate idle hands.  The old saying “Idle hands are the devil’s work” is so true!  Southern ladies, am I right? I’m always getting in trouble when I’m “idle”.  For instance, the insane amount of money I’ve spent on LuLaRoe in the past few days.  (For those of you not familiar with LuLaRoe, its a direct sales clothing line here in the United States that is unbelievably soft, versatile, and slightly expensive.)  BUT, I did need some clothes and buying clothes that I can wear to church, work, and at home seemed like a great investment in my allowance from our meager tax refund!

Check out these puppies:


Your eyes are not deceiving you- those are indeed sheep on there!

The woolie goodness is perfect for a day of crocheting in bed!

And since I was now inspired, and simultaneously mortified by my lack of dish towels to clean the kitchen, I decided, in my infinite wisdom, to embark upon on a crochet project.  A crochet quest, if you will.

A little background on me and crochet.  It is one of my favorite things in the world to do.  But I generally hate small projects.  If I am going to pull my basket of crochet out I like to work BIG!  I have four afghan WIPs right now, with no end in sight.  I like projects where I can just sit and crochet continually for hours.  It’s rhythmic and soothing for my “idle hands”.

Now, those cutesy dishcloths in my new book are… well, cute.  But they wouldn’t make it a day in my kitchen!  I need a more hefty dish towel to scrub my dishes. So, I fell back to a classic pattern I’ve used countless times before to make presents for others.  You can find it on The Good Life blog.  It is called the daydreaming dishcloth and uses a shell pattern to make a thick and quite cute dishcloth that feels good in your hands.  I made one alternation to her pattern, in completing my border in a shell stitch, rather than simple single stitches, to make it a little more dainty looking.  I also used my favorite yarn: I Love This Yarn, specifically the I Love This Cotton!

My color selection:  Apple Green, Pinkerton, Too Pink, Rosy

The pattern is super easy to follow and I made quick work completing several towels within a couple of hours.

Check out these stitches and edging up close!


Super cute!  BUT…

That’s going to be great for large flat dishes, like baking sheets, but its hardly going to fit into a drinking glass.  Here in Florida we have very hard water and I basically have resolved to washing all my glasses by hand rather than stick them in the dishwasher and having to wipe off water spots later.  Enter in, an impromptu plan to create little mini dishcloths for scrubbing glasses and bowls!  Check out what I decided upon:


It’s perfect!  After making a large dishcloth from each of my colors, there was enough yarn to make several small mini-clothes.

Would you like to know how to make your own?  It’s super easy! If you are familiar with winter hat patterns, we start out just the same!

First thing, first: a magic ring!  Do you know how to make a magic ring?


You basically make a ring that you work your crochet stitches into, rather than “chain 5 and slip stitch together” type of beginning.  Your yarn looks like this when laid out.  That top loop you see there is your beginning “loop”.  You are going to chain 3 starting in that loop.  That will be your first DC (using U.S. measurement).

You will crochet 11 more DC in the magic ring, for a total of 12 DC (including your starter stitches).



It will look like this on your hands once you get it started. (What you are seeing is the first 3-chain, which is technically your 1st DC, plus 3 DC)27_31616

Now, once you have completed the 12 DC, join with a slip stitch and pull the “tail” you have hanging from creating your magic ring.  That will tighten up the hole in the middle.  Pull as tightly as you can without breaking the string and it should look like this:


That’s Round 1!

Got it?  Ready for the next step?

Round 2:  Chain three (for your 1st DC) and then stitch 2 DC in each stitch in the round (don’t forget to add the 2nd DC to your beginning stitch in the end!).  That’s 24 DCs in the 2nd round. Join with a slip stitch and move on to Round 3!


Round 3:  By now you have gotten the hang of things.  In this round, chain 3 and then *crochet 2 DC in the next stitch, then 1 DC in the following stitch. Repeat from *for the remainder of the round.  Join with a slip stitch and move on to Round 4!


Round 4:  Chain 2, and then we are going to shell stitch around the outside of round 3.  A shell stitch works like this:  *1sc, chain 2, 1 sc* in a stitch, then skip the next stitch completely, and then *1sc, chain 2, 1 sc* in the next stitch.  You are going to repeat that all the way around.  Shell, skip, Shell, skip, etc.

22_31616  21_31616  18_31616

Join with a slip stitch at the end and voila!  A quick mini dish cloth for working on glasses!


But one last step- sew in those ends!  I stitch them in the smoothest way possible, to not draw attention to the fact that there is a string in there.  You want to make sure you leave enough in case you need to re-sew them back in.  It can happen after you launder your crochet items.  But don’t let those craft snobs fool you- there is no wrong way to do it!


YAY!  Dish cloths and busy work.  LOVE!


Abbreviated pattern:

Round 1:  magic ring, chain 3 for starter DC, DC 11 more in magic ring (12 total), join with slip stitch

Round 2:  chain 3, 2 DC in each stitch in the round (24 DC total), join with slip stitch

Round 3:  chain 3, *2 DC in the next stitch, 1 DC in the stitch that follows, *repeat to the end of the round, join with slip stitch.

Round 4:  Chain 2, *shell in next stitch, skip the next stitch, *repeat to the end of the round, join with slip stitch.

See you next time!  Hopefully a whole lot less sneezy 🙂


The Colourful Teacup