Happy Mother’s Day

I have the best mom ever.  Like EVER.  She’s the type of mom who can hold my chunky monkey and talk on her bluetooth, while giving the camera a beauty queen smile.

CD 1 467

She’s the type of mom who you stop to listen to, no matter what she’s saying.

Boogie looking at Mom

The type of mom who will literally travel anywhere whenever you need her.

CD 1 543

..and she’ll do it with cowboy boots on, cause that’s how she rolls!

CD 1 440

My mom is selfless, truly inspirational, and filled with more love than anyone else I know. She’s always worked hard and never says never.  There’s no challenge too hard and no mountain too high.  She gives me courage and confidence to continue fighting through this difficult social experiment called motherhood.

And here’s my mamaw and me.  The smile runs in the family!


And of course, where would I be without the special little ladies who made me a mom.  The loves of my life… and my fur-baby!

My gals and I had a difficult time trying to find out what to get Grandma for Mother’s Day.  Then my oldest had a brilliant idea- we’ll make her something and send her some of our special things!  Now I can’t reveal all here (what fun would that be?), but I can share this one part of our present to her:


It’s their best artwork, and a special dragon drawing because Grandma loves dragons.

Allie’s special painting (she did it in 2nd [3rd?] grade and is super proud of it).
Allie’s Dragon for Grandma (has a special note in the back for Grandma)
Abby’s honeybee (buzz)

We grabbed a few picture frames, cut the pictures to size, and ta-da!  And trust me, they are super adorable in person.

Best part yet?  They are thoughtful, loving gifts from my girls to the most loving woman I know.  Perfect.


The Colourful Teacup

One thought on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Every word of this article is true. Not only is she a great mom and grandma but a pretty special aunt also!😀 Great read and what a wonderful and special gift for Mother’s Day!


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