A Country Living Addiction

Pinterest really has done a number to the magazine industry.  Well, at least I think so.  The whole reason us gals purchase so many magazines is to look at all the pretty houses, recipes, decor, children, etc., and somehow try to emulate it all.  Magazines are the original “Pinterest-fail”.

I have HUGE albums on Pinterest!  (It’s true!  You can see for yourself, and follow me at:AmberMRay)  It’s an addiction I have no intention on trying to get rid of anytime soon.  I mean, Pinterest really gets me.  Those suggestions are spot on every time!  If Pinterest were a man we would be a power couple! But I digress…

Despite my scandalous love affair with Pinterest, My original love is Country Living magazine.

Oh, Country Living!  The things you do to me!  You can’t EVEN imagine!  That’s how much I love this magazine.  So imagine the “squee” shoppers at the local Dollar General had to endure when I discovered this upcoming month’s edition.  Oh my friends!  I have to share with you all the deliciousness found within these hallowed pages!

I mean, can I get an amen on how much this cover encapsulates the hopes and dreams of all us hardworking women all over America just struggling to have it all?!  The collies, the sweet little house, the reliable and vintage cute automobile (that we no longer make payments on and is so old that it’s fashionable-ness has circled by around).  And snow.  Oh snow!  I miss snow.  It really is the blessing and the curse of living in Florida.

Let’s talk about those wreaths too!  In this picturesque image, the husband has lovingly climbed his adorable little rumpus up onto that roof and lovingly (always lovingly) hung that wreath “just so” on that cute little window.  Did he complain… no!  (Although, that’s gotta be a bear in the woods type of thing.  If a husband complains but no one is around, does it really happen?).  He risked life and limb to climb up there and make all your holiday dreams come true!  I’m getting off topic, let’s move on…

You can’t find articles like this on Pinterest.  I mean, you probably can if you feel like clicking off a million ads and going to the next page after every. single. IMAGE.  This article is a real jewel!  Not only are the ideas in here amazing, but they are all affordable.  Well done editors of CL, well done!

Ll caught my eye!  Look at it in all its nerdy glory!  Ugh!

Anyone who has been to my house knows how I feel about this next image.  If there is anything other than our Lord and Savior that screams Christmas to me, its gotta be… TARTAN!  Ooh, I love it in every pattern and every color!  I have it from my tree to my table top, and Country Living just gave me a million more ways to incorporate into my home at Christmas time.

Not that I needed any more excuses to bring in Clan MacRae.








As you might imagine, at this point of my magazine perusing I have definitely decided to sell it all and start over somewhere North, in the cold, and preferably in a hunter’s cottage.   






And then, enters Texas!  Seriously, does it get any better than this?  Look at that adorable pickup truck!  And look, men in wranglers and a big ‘ole star on the tippy top of that tree!      It’s too much to take in!  I’m flipping those pages like the next lottery ticket numbers are somewhere in there!

And then I find this treasure!  Brace yourselves!  It’s absolutely spectacular!

A Vintage Christmas Cactus!  Swoon!

I wonder if a vintage Christmas palm tree exists?  The quest for Christmas perfection continues!







If you would like to get your very own subscription to Country Living, Check out their website at:Country Living.

Loads of Season’s Greetings from,

The Colorful Teacup

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