Why, hello there planner supplies!

So I did a thing…

I’ve been eyeing this subscription group for a while now called The Planner Society. And, unlucky for me, when I decided to finally sign up (I am very indecisive when it comes to where I spend my money, as I am sure ALL homeschool moms are), they were closed for new subs for the month! Nooooooooo!!! *cue the dramatic music*

Luckily, this yard sale app I use had a few kits listed from people who felt the colors “just weren’t for them”. Um… ok.

Feast your eyes on these adorable pink and green goodies! This is the May 2018 kit:

So great!  You can subscribe here, between the 2nd and 14th of the month, The Planner Society

So this kit came with some papers, including speciality papers:


Can you see these adorable little flamingos?

Best paper selection EVER! I’m so lucky that these colors are SO MY STYLE! Love!!! ❤️

We’ve also got this great pen:

it has rose gold accents and is a heavy, professional feeling pen that writes like a dream.

Let’s check out some of my other fabulous goodies in this kit:

That bag is legit amazing! It’s made of a faux leather and very tough thick plastic. It’s quite nice. And those clips are going immediately into my bullet journal!

Yeah, so that’s happening! And those little flower accents are exactly the type of thing I’ve been needing to find for a project with the littlest Ray gal.

Check it this beauty!

Little habit tracker stamps! Huge in the bullet journal community to make tracking boring things entertaining. Ha! Now, personally, stamps and I have not gotten along very well, but I might have to give it the good ‘ole college try again because those stamps are heaven!

Paper dollies:


Journal folders (you can just glue them right on the inside cover or on your dashboard):


Washi tape, cards, page flags, headers… so many cute goodies!ff09b1bf-52cf-4ea5-b375-914d0a466d88-849-000000bad5a8f1a7_file.jpg

And now, my favorite part! Check out these page tags, labels and stickers:865e44b8-d575-42a6-8556-cd7862542f55-849-000000bc5692a757_file.jpg

Best ever!!! I love it so much I don’t want to use it!

Speaking of planners and bullet journals, check out my new weekly spread. It’s colorful and cheerful!

And a LOT of coloring! Which, come on let’s be honest, I don’t really mind! I used the template from Kate Louise and added my own colorful spin to it.


The Colourful Teacup

2 thoughts on “Why, hello there planner supplies!

  1. Oh my goodness this is so amazing! I’ll definitely look into this site! Thanks for sharing!


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