Simply Gilded

I’ve been trying to get a subscription to Simply Gilded for what seems like forever!  But I’ve been waitlisted!  I HATE being waitlisted.  But, I suppose that’s the price you pay for super cute planner things!  While I waited to be admitted to this super special club, I sought out a couple of past kits on my yard sale site.

Here are a couple of things you need to know about buying Simply Gilded second hand:  1.) You will either a., pay a premium price, or b. luck into finding something that someone obviously wanted to either get rid of or didn’t realize the value of.  2.) The washi tapes are highly collectable and people will pay hundreds for certain kinds.  So don’t get too attached to a particular type of pattern unless you want to fork up over $300!  No… seriously!  3.) Even if you find a kit on a yard sale site or Ebay, it is likely that the seller has removed the bow washi from it to resell separately at a much higher price point.

Lucky for me, I was able to find the last two kits online moderately priced, and one set even included the bow washi!  Huzzah!

Let’s start with May’s box:  Life’s a Peach

I really loved the colors of this box!  The peach with that bright tropical blue is so summery.  It just so happens that the crochet project I was working on this week was also the same color of peach, which led to a crafty kind of bliss.

The washi is packaged like this, in a plastic bag with matching colors.  I know it is just a little plastic bag that will probably rip super easily, but it’s a cute touch.  I’ll have to brainstorm some crafty ideas to use them for.  Hum…

Yum!  I must have ALL the washis!  Look at those peach blossoms!  Special programming note here:  I find that the washis by Simply Gilded are thinner than the washi from The Planner Society.  I’m not sure one is better than the other.  Thinner means that it doesn’t make my notebook puff up quite as bad.  But the thicker washi from TPS feels more substantial.  I like the feeling of TPS more, but the thinness of SG is probably better for my bullet journal.

Luxe stickers and a journaling card are also included. The stickers appear to be reposition-able, which is a super nice touch, especially if you change your mind as much as I do!

Lots of foil all over the Simply Gilded items.  Irene from Simply Gilded markets it as “boutique” planner supplies.   I can see it…  

Also included was a small Journal and a gel pen, which I have put to good use this week and received compliments on.  And I’ve broken open that bag and have begun using my little book as well!  Yay!  Pretty things!  I feel like a little girl opening up a new Lisa Frank kit.  (P.S., and totally off topic, but did y’all see that Lisa Frank is collaborating with Sponge Bob?!?!  Suddenly I NEED to pencil in a clothing allowance to our monthly budget!  I mean who doesn’t need a t-shirt with SpongeBob riding a magical unicorn over a rainbow?  I rest my case.)  

The paperclips I received from The Planner Society are one of my favorite things, so I was super happy to see this set in the May Simply Gilded box.  Now, the bow… I’m not sure what to do with that.  Because I bullet journal, there aren’t really any places to clip on things.  Speaking of bullet journaling, I have almost filled mine up and we are only half way through the year.  Oy!  I’m hoping to get my hands on a jewel colored Leuchtturm 1917 this fall.  I am currently using a lime green one (my favorite color, by the way), but I hope to get a little richer color for my next one.  I’m thinking a nice midnight blue, or a deep mustard yellow.  Who knows.  Next week I might fancy a hot pink one, ya never know!

And now for the June box!  With this box I was not able to find an affordable one for sale with the seaglass blue bow washi tapes.  Boo!  I could have the washi for the low, low price of $35 separately.  <— majorly not amused.  That’s just not in this gal’s budget!  That’s right, people are paying hundreds for these washis and I’m over here like, “$35? No sir!”.   

I love this theme so much that I have barely touched anything.  I just want to keep it boxed up forever and never, ever ruin it!  But, alas, where’s the fun in that?  Ugh, look at that pretty little green bag!  Yeah, I’m the kid who plays with the cardboard box…

Sealife washi!  I’ve ordered a purple mermaid washi as well from Simply Gilded and I simply cannot wait to get it!  No earthly idea what I am going to do with these glorious rolls of happiness, but I shall come up with something!

Another travel notebook and a seriously beautiful pen.  From the picture the pen looks a little gaudy, but in person I feel like the freakin’ Little Mermaid.  It is quite dainty and charming, really.  “Look at my stuff!  Isn’t it neat?  Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete…”

Sticky notes and seals.  Again, that foil gives them a little sophistication (says this hillbilly).

Diecut stickers.  Cute, but not sure what I’m going to do with them.

June’s stickers are two parts.  Functional and… well, I don’t know what the other part is called.  Regular?  Anywho, they’re cute and I just can’t bring myself to use them.  

And that’s my boxes for May and June from Simply Gilded!  All in all, less items than The Planner Society.  Certainly great quality!  Super obsessed with getting ALL THE WASHI.  And I have to admit, I’m getting excited about all that bow washi energy.  I think that The Planner Society is great for paper working.  And Simply Gilded is great for BUJO, or equivalent journaling.  Similar type of product but a different feel from each.

You can get on your very own waitlist for Simply Gilded by going here:  Simply Gilded

I’ll be posting a post from July’s boxes soon, as they arrive.  The sneak peaks from both companies have been such a tease!

Colorfully yours,

The Colourful Teacup

Planner Society June 2018

Guess what came last week?!?! A new planner box! It’s amazing! It might be one of the best ones I’ve seen yet! Check out these beauties:

First of all, can we talk about how JUNE these colors are?  Christy is amazing!  When you consider that she has to plan these themes probably months in advance, and yet still seems to pick colors and themes that are remarkably on point…  I just can’t believe how awesome it all is!  Just a box of amazing awesomeness!  Unfortunately, I love it so much that it’s difficult to actually use any of these things!  I just want to keep them in my box and horde them away!


Looks at those papers!  SQUEE!!!  Do you hear that sound?  Its the sound of Central Florida dogs everywhere collectively barking at the out of control, high-pitched squee coming from my house!

Specialty papers!

Look at those lemons!

These are a little more difficult to see, so I tried to hold it up over the box and the lemons.  Do you see those cute little birds?

These are bookmarks y’all! BOOKMARKS!  Nerds everywhere unite!  I am absolutely in LOVE with these!  I desperately need dozens of bookmarks so these will get worn out!

And here we have a great pen (seriously getting spoiled with these pens), tabs, a birdie notepad, some metal paperclips, and another delightfully sweet washi tape.

These are also some of my favorite items I received this time around.  Adhesive pockets, labels, and a badge!  A badge y’all!  That’s going on my adult Girl Scout uniform, 100%!


Cute little inspirational cards.

Shout out for the Tolkien quote!  In love!!!

Die Cuts! Oh, so many delicious die cuts!

Another look at that pen.  Those are crystals in there!  So shiny!  Which means, of course,  the loss of at least 15 minutes of me just staring and spinning that dang thing- ha!

That’s a nice badge, I think.

Till next time friends!  

The Colourful Teacup