Postage stamp quilt- a crazy idea

Once upon a time I received these little fabric squares in a magazine bundle.  

I loved them so much that I held onto them, rather than doing the suggested craft that came with them.

You see, I had an idea!  A glorious idea sprang forth from my artistic little creative brain, and the other rational half scarcely had time to recognize that a bad idea was forming before it was out of my head and in my eBay cart!  I mean, just look at these tiny adorable flowers!  What’s not to love?

So I decided, in my infinite wisdom, that I would quilt (something I haven’t done since High School) a postage stamp quilt!  A few years ago my mother gifted me a couple of scrap quilts that my great grandmother made.  They are made of squares of what appear to be random fabric and is just so colorful.  The quilt is happiness to me.  You see, I was the child who would stare at the patterns on wall paper for hours, tracing the pattern around… and around… and around…  And I LOVED color!  So a postage stamp quilt would be a kind of therapy for me.  A busy, busy quilt, for a busy, busy woman, with endless patterns, and colors, and inspiration to excite the mind!

So, let’s recap…  from a free sample of fabric in a magazine, I decided to embark on a project that I haven’t had experience with in nearly 20 years, and a project that maximizes skill level in the very BEST quilters.  Yup!  Sounds about right.  But wait, there’s more folks!

From that small collection of floral squares, the desire for more tiny treasures grew until it overwhelmed my seasonally depressed heart with a NEED for as much color and florally goodness as my budget could reasonably afford. One eBay trip later and I was the proud owner of these AMAZING pieces of art! I bought them from a store appropriately named myfabricaddiction1!

Oh, so nice!

So then from there (I think you can tell where this is going), I found these Kaffe Fassett fabric pieces.  It was a random cutting, and I hoped to get as many colorful options as possible.

Here’s a few of my most favorite squares!

I decided that every few paychecks or so I would grab another random colorful bunch of fabric squares.  This trip Etsy was my enabler!  Courtesy of The Trendy Little Geek.  These are from the Tula Pink line and have little animals blended in with floral patterns.  

Look at that trash panda being so cheeky!


More Tula Pink, this time the animals are a little more difficult to spot, and there’s some polka dots thrown in there, which I just happen to be a huge fan of.

Look at these little snails!img_4992.jpg

And this pack as well, which was cat themed.  My cuts didn’t have cute little cat eyeballs, which I crossed my fingers for, but they are good selections, none-the-less!  

Ok, so if you look closely, these polka dots, are actually kitty cat spots!


And these odd shapes are kitty cat eye balls!


That little cat is so satisfying!  Too bad more will get cut off from the edging.  Maybe I should buy a quarter roll of this fabric?


And no, your eyes are not deceiving you!  That is indeed cat food cans on that fabric square!  Squee!!!


In the course of this grand search all across the kingdom for colorful fabric choices I discovered Liberty Lawn fabric.  And THIS. RIGHT. HERE.

There’s a wheelbarrow…

And a cute house with little birdies, and a field of sheer happiness…

And a garden… there’s a garden with a gardening can and a little brick paved way and a kitten in the flowers…

I ordered two.  And I would buy SO MUCH MORE, if it wasn’t crazy expensive and had to be imported from Britain.  Sigh.

But, wait!  I did buy more Liberty Lawn fabric, in different colors.  Here was my next purchase from a lovely Etsy store called Liberty Charms.

Their business card is so cute, and looks just like it was made from a postage stamp quilt!  And apparently, news to me, there are all kinds of ladies who use Liberty Lawn fabric in their postage stamp quilts!  The fabric has patterns that are so tiny and make it perfect for small squares under 4 inches.

The shop also offered charm packs as well, in the size I had determined I would start with- 2 1/2″  I was not disappointed and will, undoubtably, buy more!  The texture of this fabric cannot be accurately described in words.  It is heavenly!

Here they are all laid out on my kitchen table.

Look at this particular one:


It’s arts and crafts!  It was destiny!  Look closer at those tree branches!


I might have to get a little more of that fabric as well.  Maybe I’ll ask the hubster for some for Christmas?

At this snails pace it will take me forever to gather enough materials to make my quilt.  But I don’t mind!  I love the thrill of finding treasures and selecting exactly the right pieces for my happy little quilt!

Artistically yours,

The Colourful Teacup

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