July Birthday Fiasco for the Tiniest Teacup

It was a birthday for the ages.  It started with a simple request.  My [soon to be] nine year old daughter requested that we have a birthday party for her this year.  Simple enough.

She wanted it to be a super girly Unicorn party.  Okay dokie.  Simple enough.

She thought it would be super cool if we could invite a bunch of girls over, swim, maybe do a craft, and create some epic swag bags.  Simple enough.

See where I am going with this?  Yeah.  It was NOT simple.  Next year she gets a birthday cake and a hardy handshake.

I thought, being the overly ambitious and crafty gal I was that I would crochet some bags for the girls, stuff them with some washi tape and a little homemade book (my daughter has inherited my love for all things planner), and maybe a couple pieces of jewelry.  I’m great at crocheting pretty much anything with a pattern, and I’ve gotten fairly skilled at creating my own patterns as well.  Well, I wipped up a sample bag in no time at all and thought- “Wow!  I can totally do this!”.  I was wrong.  Oh, man, was I ever wrong!

See, I overestimated my ability to sew in the liners.

And I also forgot that I have zero foresight.

And I forgot I would have to make 15 of these bags.  FIFTEEN!  For the love of humanity!

But, alas, I finished with… well something.  Not a finished product I’m terribly proud of, but decent enough I suppose!

They are crocheted with Special Stylecraft DK yarn, imported from the United Kingdom (my favorite yarn).  The snaps are KAM snaps.  The fabric liner is from a bundle I bought on Amazon of just random cuts of fabric.  I had planned on writing the pattern out and sharing it with all of you, but..  don’t, just don’t.  Just go buy something shiny and unoriginal.  It’s not worth it y’all!  My fingers were bleeding before I finished!  I was flying by the seat of my pants, did not have time to properly block the crocheted part, and abandoned my hand sewing for a machine after the first one.

P.S. If you didn’t know, you can’t easily machine sew on crochet, as the machine gets caught on the yarn and tangles it with the thread from the bobbin.  That’s if it doesn’t suck it into the great bobbin abyss.  This was lesson number 15 million.  And the worst one.  Nothing like spending hours creating something to have it pulled apart in front of your eyes!  Huzzah!

ROY-G-BIV… that’s a little relaxing.  I loved all the floral and gingham prints.


Oy!  Sigh… lesson learned.  Moving on to happier items.  Birthday party shopping!  Squee!


What Girly Birthday party would be complete without pig-tail hair bows?  Well, not this one!  Every girl was sent home with her choice of a matching homemade (not by me- gosh not by me) pair.

(Don’t mind the great mountain of law books in the background.  It’s my husband’s stack and it could not be moved in time for the party.  I just sat things on top and used them as a kind of shelf, while getting the side-eye from the hubster, te he.)

We ordered some jewelry from China which made it super affordable to get great looking pieces without breaking mom and dad’s checkbook.  What girl’s outfit is complete without her own set of pearls?  And these rings are so AMAZING!  Because I had to order in bulk, I got to select and keep several pieces for myself and I have received so many compliments on them.

Target spot pens and pencils!  Bright colors for a sunny child!

The setup y’all!

So much happy!  But gosh y’all, Mommy is going to need the next few months to recover from this party.  It was so exhausting!

Celebrating the not-so-tiny teacup,

the Colourful Teacup

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