The Planner Society July box

July’s Planner Society box was all about Unicorns!  So much fun! I was a little in Unicorn overload considering the little one’s birthday party prep was in full swing when I received it.  But, unicorn overload considered, it was jam packed with great items!

Let’s talk about my favorite part first.  That pen!  Little tulips, and flower confetti! Pastel rainbows!  Look at me, I can’t even construct full sentences anymore!  That’s how exciting this box was!

Also included was a cute new stamp and an adorable patch.  Somehow I managed to keep the little one from “acquiring” my new patch.

As far as the stamps go, I am still looking for a good ink pad to use for all my TPS stamps. One of my friends suggested using a foam block to get a better result.  And I’ve tried the stamp makers where you apply the color with a marker and then stamp.  Hum… the search continues for now!

This washi is not only adorable, its very shimmery too! I’m not sure how often I will use it, but it definitely fit the summery mood!

The die cuts were just perfection this time around.


Post-it notes! How fun would these be to drop on your husband’s desk. LOL!

“Please pick up milk, eggs, and hey!  How do you like my unicorn post-it notes?”

I love the tabs that the Planner Society include with all their kits.

Paperclip!  Planner paperclips are so satisfying.  They fall out all the time, so they aren’t too practical, but there is something so satisfying about seeing them poking out of the top of our little planners.  They give it all such pizzazz.

Let’s see some more up close pictures of that lovely pen, shall we?

I miss Tulips so much!  When we lived in Scotland I could have them practically anytime I wanted them, and now that I am back in Florida tulips just don’t stand a chance in our heat.

And here is another picture of that patch.  So sparkly!

This time Christy included these Vinyl Stickers.  I am not sure what I am going to use them for, but I am super excited that this is a new possibility for my future crates.  I really feel like compared to other kits, the Planner Society boxes are so sophisticated.  And vinyl stickers can be put on practically anything from water bottles to computers.

I LOVE it when there are pockets!  This time around there are holographic bows and scalloped edges.  I could just die!  They are so pretty!

That’s it for this crate!

Peace out dudes!

the Colourful Teacup

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