Simply Gilded July box

I am not a fan of leopard.  Like, at all.  But I am a huge fan of toucans!  And rainbows. And color.  So I viewed Simply Gilded’s July box with a bit of mixed feelings.

We were really spoiled, I feel like with the items in this box.  We essentially received 8 washi tapes!  But, more on that in a minute.

Look at this journal card!  Gosh, I do love Toucans!  But, in all seriousness, I am not sure what to do with all these journaling cards that I keep getting.  People, I have noticed, collect them and some put them in photo albums.  It seems like as good of an idea as anything else, but I’m just not sure its worth keeping them.  Others use them as a dashboard of sorts in their planner, but as I use a bullet journal that really isn’t helpful for me.  I’ve also seen examples of people using them in picture frames.  But I have enough “decorations” without piling more on.  No, none of those ideas will do for now.

Post-it notes.  I get a lot of these with my boxes, which is fine with me because I use so many of them with my husband and his job.

Personal sized TN.  These are one of the best items I receive.  I just pop them in my purse and use them to jot down ideas, grocery lists, notes, etc, that I don’t want to add to my bullet journal.

This pen is seriously no joke!  It weighs a lot, writes like its made of gold (gel), and is just so pretty!  I did mention that I love rainbows?  Anywho, mine arrived bent on one side, but SP shipped me out a replacement.

I love getting bags in my boxes.  Again, not sure I will ever use this one, but its a nice touch for the boxes.

These stickers are amazing!  I love, love, LOVE them!  These will 100% be used!

Subscription box washi!  Three 15mm, one 10mm, and four 5mm.

The 5mm match the tropical themed washi.  Here it is with my 15mm tropical set:

So, all in all, a stunning bag.  Irene always does a phenomenal job on these kits.  The reviews appear to be mixed.  There are many items that I will never use in the kit, but still I consider it a solid addition to my Simply Gilded collection.

Colorfully yours,

the Colourful Teacup

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