The Planner Society August box

Oh this box is amazing!

I know I say that every single time.  But this time the box is in lovely shades of rose gold.  I never realized how much I like rose gold, but it matches these flowers and soft muted colors in such a lovely way.  It really is magical.

Ugh!  Drool!  I need more of this paper!  Seriously, I want this paper to be my bed linens.  It is perfect and screams summer in Kentucky to me! When I see this piece I think back to my childhood, lying under the dogwood tree, watching the clouds float by and disappear behind the mountain.  Suddenly I am back home, on the mountain side, surrounded by all the flowers daddy had planted for mom.  Roses, peonies, tiger lilies, bleeding hearts!  I miss those summers when the clover begin blooming again, but the trees haven’t quite yet started turning.  The summer days where dusk brings a nice crisp chill, but your day is still nice and long.  Sigh.  Oh, country summers, I miss you!

Sticker book!  These are super coveted items by TPS gals!  They have an incredible resell value.

Here are some more items included in August’s box!

Stickers, elastics, and binder clips (in rose gold, of course).


This pen!  Ugh, so lovely!  It writes like a dream!  Also, puffy stickers, which I personally don’t like (they are too bulky for my bullet journal), but are super popular so far among other subscribers.


Pockets, labels, and a cute new habit tracker stamp!  That stamp is adorable!  I seriously need to find some good ink options!

Paperclips, note pad, and die cuts.  Super cozy looking!


Subscription box washi!  Those wild flowers have my heart!

Washi subscription!  I will seriously use up all of these washis!

These tabs are great!  Christy has begun putting foil on all of her tabs and stickers.  I loved these so much I made new tabs for my journal.  Someone on the group site actually posted a “how-to” to make these tabs into reusable tabs, using regular office tabs and double sided sticky tape!  Life changing y’all!

A close up of the habit tracker stamp!

Guess who got a new Bullet Journal?  This gal!  For those of you who haven’t followed along or who are just joining us, I use the Leuchtturm 1917.  For weekly spreads I use stickers sized for the Erin Condren planners, as they are smaller and fit better.  I use my bullet journal to track our homeschool assignments, my daily todos, dinner planning, and for my diary entries.  This time I went with the berry color, medium, dotted.  So far I have been very satisfied with these journal.  There is practically no bleed through from my pens, AND you can apply watercolors.. ya know, if you are actually talented like that. Sadly, I am not.  *sob*

Don’t mind the couch pictures.  My living room couch is the best place in the house for good lighting!


the Colourful Teacup

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