Simply Gilded August box

This box IS AMAZING!  The value of this box ridiculously exceeds the amount I paid for it.  I have not had a single subscription thus far that is this good.  Every single item is well done.  Nothing sticks out as not matching the theme.  It’s just subscription gold.  Before we had even received this box people were offering large amounts to purchase.  Because Irene’s subscriptions to the boxes are limited and only so many spots open each month, there were many people who could not make it into the list.

First off, let’s talk about these washis!  Rose gold accents, soft purples, book washi!  It is amazing that she can create such solid pieces month after month.  The book washi alone instantly became a highly sought after item.

I haven’t put this pouch down since I received it.  It feels like blue jean and is so soft.

Inside, it is sewn with a nice polka dot pattern, and the washi fits just perfectly inside.  The bag actually opens on the bottom, allowing you to stand it up if desired.  I have it stuffed with pens, craft scissors, and my inhaler.  Because no one likes fuzzies in their inhaler.

I’ve attached this bow to the zipper of my bag and it has held up so well!  I’ve had to attach it a couple of times because I am so rough with my things (pulling it in and out of my purse has been an issue), and it just keeps on holding on despite the abuse I have put it through.


We also received post it notes and a Juniper magnet!  Hurray!  I didn’t have a Juniper magnet yet and I am super happy I had not purchased one on my own.  This Juniper has rose gold accents as well.  Other items pictured are a journaling card (so magical!), two pockets, a TN, and sticker set!

I am slightly annoyed that the books in the pockets does not match the purple washi.  One book even says Lavender on it, but clearly is NOT lavender.  Granted, it is a nice blue, but I want lavender dang it!

As much as I loved these stickers, I had no problem ripping these suckers out and putting them in my planner!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

Such a lovely box!  And a great deal, which makes this spend thrifty mommy very happy.


the Colourful Teacup

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