Weekly spread

This week I have been so super sick. So this week I’m super ready to get out of this house and get busy! I’ve created a planner spread with remains from one of my favorite kits. This is it, slightly before the pen. Well, at least before I marked it up really good! The lighting is really horrible, but t is so pretty in person! I used mostly pieces from the June Simply Gilded kit.

And my pen from Planner Society July kit matches so perfectly!

Ugh, we are so behind in schoolwork now! My littlest is still suffering from this virus and isn’t interested in catching up either.

Gosh, I loves that little sticker: sweet ❤️ salty! Yeah! 🐳

I also found these little mermaid files that matched perfectly and I just so happened to need a new file after breaking my last one. Huzzah for happy coincidences! 🧜‍♀️

Happily yours,

The Colourful Teacup

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