The Planner Society September box!!!

You guys!!! My September planner society box has arrived! And, as always, it is amazing! I just received it today and I could not wait to take pictures and post them for everyone to see.

Now this box is super random! I mean, generally the boxes have a color theme and they all go together, but this box is REALLY random! And yet, it still all manages to look great. It has silver and gold highlights, but rather heavy on the gold side.

Here are a few of my favorite things.

This pen is filled with water and confetti, and has a little bow dangle with a lobster clasp that can be removed and put on your notebook or planner. That blue also happens to match my new PeachPom clip and spread (pics below for comparison). I am super feeling this rich deep blue for the fall/winter season.

My PeachPom clip and spread (I’ve already used most of the sheets, but I’ve been hoarding the deco page):

Here are the washi with this month’s box. The top three are part of the washi subscription which I get in additional to the regular box. The bottom three (10mm, and two 5mms) came with the monthly box subscription. Super excited about those 5mms!

It’s that 10mm floral just to die for!?!?  I love her dedication to florals.  One I share, and I hope she never gives them up!

And speaking of cute little clips, check out this one!  Foxes are amazing little furry animals and this box is FULL of them!

Post it Notes…

And, a patch!  Gosh I love these patches!


She has also spoiled us with another sticker album.  These albums sell for major mark ups on yard sale sites, like Mercari.  But I have no intention on selling any of mine!

Oh this paper!  I need this in wallpaper!  I feel like I’m using a lot of exclamation marks in this post but… !!!!!!!!!!  It’s just perfect for fall, yet can be used any season.

Book marks or dashboards, depending on your preference…

The stickers with this box are gilded and go right along with the theme I had already selected from PeachPom.

I love that we have some bow stickers as well.  I’m not sure I understand why bows are so popular right now, but I’m going to just go right along with it.  And, they are super girly, after all!

My favorite stickers are these ladies in, not one, not two, but four hair/skin colors!  Still not the right combination for my own color, but getting closer!  I suppose “dishwater” hasn’t reach mainstream planner supplies yet, but at least I don’t have to look longingly at the blonde/black hair options and wish I had been born with a more popularly recognized color.  Am I right, 80’s girls with the two barbie choices?  Until ‘Shannon’ came along I had two choices to play with: blonde barbie (who I secretly hated, but always wanted to play with because my cousins wanted her for her luscious locks) or jet black crimped hair barbie (who I thought was totally rad, underrated, and would TOTALLY want to be my best friend in real life… and maybe help crimp my own hair.  Bonus that she had the cutest eighties jacket and pantsuit EVER.  I seem to have gotten off topic… ahem).

Nice to see that my daughters have more choices, in general, and the ability to find girls that are representative of all types of people.  Parenting win: when my daughter picked out a “baby” with hair and eyes like mommies (brunette and blue- take that blonde haired barbie!).  Marketing win: when the store actually had a brunette with blue eyes, which is so much harder to find than you’d imagine!  Yay for representation!

And yay for well timed planner supplies!  I had been feeling a little blue, so these arrived just in the nick of time!

I have more goodies on the way and can’t wait to share with you!

Your planner pal,

The Colourful Teacup

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