Merry Christmas!

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted on this lovely blog of mine. This Christmas has been a difficult one as the majority of the Ray gals are down with a nasty virus (even the furry canine Ray gal is ill). Abby is the one sole holdout, although she’s been running hot the last day or so, so I would not be surprised if she were not fighting the germs!

Until that time, she’s been crafting and creating a smorgasbord of artwork. I’ve hung our new additions right behind our vintage Christmas tree which I have newly glued ornaments onto and acquired two new stars- a pink and aqua- both of which I adore, but ultimately I settled upon the aqua one.

I had so many plans for this Christmas! Unfortunately, this virus had plans of its own. I have quarantined myself to nearly three whole days in bed. My sole comfort being a festive and throat soothing Cranberry soda and vodka tonic. Good for the throat AND good for the soul. I need ALL the ice!

I have a couple of new crochet patterns that I’m getting ready to share with you in the coming weeks. One of those patterns is a mason jar cozi that I put on my soy candles once they are purchased. They are cute and provide a nice pop of color and lantern type of effect once the candle has burned down a little bit. So, stayed tuned for that! Oh, and my soy candles are selling like hot cakes! …um cake 🤤

December was filled with lovely little planner surprises as well. Check out all these goodies!

Washi from Bloomsical and Simply Gilded, planner cover from Stylish Planners, and felt poinsettia from Fir and Yew.
Planner cover from Stylish Planners, and bookmark from Fir and Yew.
Planner covers from Stylish Planners, felt flower from Fir and Yew.
Look at this beauty up close! Absolutely a work of art! Hard to believe it is handmade! Fir and Yew.
These adorable clips are from Peonies Paperie . Aren’t they the best?!?! I have matching ones for January and February, but those will be shown in a future post.
And what would Christmas be without a couple Pioneer Woman purchases?
These were supposed to be used on Christmas Eve to make cookies with the girls 🤨. Obviously that didn’t happen.

Until next time, you adorable little crumpets,

The Colourful Teacup